Oregon Scientific WMR300 Console and Transmitter Pairing Support

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*Proceed in order to pair the console to the transmitter.

  1. On the transmitter, verify the transmitter is set to channel 1. Unless there is a very specific reason to put the transmitter on channel 2 (used with multiple transmitters) the other channels should not be used
  2. Verify that the "SW5" switch (to the right of the channel switches) is in the Off position ("0" = Off)
  3. Turn the “SW4” switch in the transmitter to the off position (“0” = Off)
  4. Remove the battery from the transmitter
  5. On the display console press the “Today” area
  6. Press and hold the “Set” and “Unit” buttons together for 2 – 3 seconds. You will hear an initial beep when the buttons are pressed and a secondary beep when successfully entering into the pairing mode
  7. At this point the console will display “CH1” in the “Today” area. If this doesn’t display repeat the process beginning with step 8
  8. In the “Outdoor” area on the console it will display “CH1” if channel 1 is already paired and dashes “- -“ if it is not paired
    • Important: If the “Rain” and “Wind” area show a channel number other than “CH1” this is an indication of a problem in configuration which will be resolved in the following steps. It is important to note that the primary transmitter which will provide the temp/humidity rain and wind should be set to channel 1 only and when the console is paired with the transmitter on channel 1 the Outdoor, Rain and Wind areas should all display “CH1”. Deviating from this will complicate the pairing process. The additional sensors channels should be used only for additional sensors
  9. If the “Outdoor” area of the console displays anything but dashes “- -“ (CH1, CH2, Ch3 and so on) press an hold the “MEM” button on the bottom of the screen for 2 – 3 seconds to unpair the channel. The “Outdoor” area should then display dashes “- - “ indicating the channel is not paired
  10. Press the up arrow on the console to change the channel and verify that the channel being viewed is not currently paired (indicated by dashes “- -“ in the “Outdoor” area) Follow the previous steps to unpair the channel. Continue to check each sensor channel to verify that the channel is not paired
  11. After verifying and unpairing channels, press the up arrow to navigate to channel 1 in the Today area
  12. Press and hold the “Set” button for 2 - 3 seconds to pair channel 1
  13. Press anywhere on the console except for the “Today” area to return to the main screen. The Today area will display "Searching".
  14. Replace the battery in the transmitter
  15. Press the “Reset” button on the transmitter
  16. At this point the transmitter LED lights should begin to flash blue (normal transmission) after a brief initialization period of roughly 3 seconds
  17. On the transmitter, turn the “SW4” switch to the On position (“1” = On). For the next ten minutes the console can be paired to the transmitter.
  18. Within the next couple minutes the Outdoor, Wind and Rain areas will begin to display data