Oregon Scientific BBQ and Oven Meat Thermometer Reset and Troubleshooting Guide

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*Proceed in order and keep the main unit and sensor in close proximity to each other until connected.

  1. Remove the battery covers from the sensor and display unit.
  2. Locate the reset button on the sensor and the display unit (inside the battery compartment).
  3. Press the sensor reset button located inside the sensor battery compartment (requires a paper clip).
  4. Immediately (within 10 seconds of resetting the sensor) press the display unit reset button located inside the display unit battery compartment (requires a paper clip).
  5. The sensor LED indicator should flash to indicate the transmitter is activated. It should continue to flash each time the sensor transmits.
  6. The signal reception icon on the main unit should show at least two bars indicating a connection to the sensor. 

BBQ/Oven Sensor Tips

  • If the AW131 or AW133 BBQ thermometer display is connected to the sensor but is providing an inaccurate temperature reading, that is an indication of a faulty probe and should be replaced. Shop BBQ Probes
  • Never place the sensor inside a BBQ/Oven. Only the probe and a portion of the cable connecting the probe to the sensor should be inside the BBQ/Oven.
  • Always verify that the battery indicator doesn't indicate that the batteries should be replaced prior to use.
  • Don't use rechargeable batteries.
  • Keep the main base unit away from other electrical devices that may cause interference.
  • Keep the sensor within range of the main unit (100 meters).